A new life drawing group, but one with a difference

Bring a drink up with you from the bar, listen to one of Anne's great playlists, and draw one of our brilliant models. Afterwards, why not stop back and listen to the Open Mic night or just sit and chat with your fellow artists. We want these sessions to be an evening out; why not come with a friend.

Drawing Equipment

What we choose to draw with, as artists, can be a very personal thing. Whether we use charcoal, pencils, ink or watercolours can depend on one's mood as much as the subject, and for that reason many people like to bring their own equipment to Bare Canvas.
If, however, you haven't got your gear with you, (or you want to try something new), don't worry!
We have a selection of pencils and charcoal here, there is paper and drawing boards for you to use and we even have a couple of easels if that is how you care to work.

The Models

We work with both male and female models. They are as much a part of our group as the artists are and often wish to see the work during the break or at the end of the session, so please involve them. They love art and they love their job; however, during the sessions, please treat them with professional respect.

The Format

We will usually start with some 'warm-ups' - four or five, two-minute poses to get you in the mood. Some ten to twenty-minute poses will follow to take us up to the break. Time to replenish glasses (and maybe nip out for a smoke for some!) Depending on the wishes of the group, we could then finish with a couple of twenty to twenty-five minute poses or one long fifty-minute pose.

The Poses

For some in the group, life drawing is just a means to an end. Other artistic endeavours may require study and preparation work that can only be fulfilled through life drawing. If you are such an artist and have certain poses that would assist in that work - please ask. We would happily discuss this with the model and yourselves.

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